Amirhossein Biparva

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Amirhossein Biparva

multi exposure of big wooden plants (2016)

The series on display is an attempt to portray a collection of large wooden plants that through their multi exposure, I’ve tied to express a common concept which I’m a part of and live in. For me “tree” is similar to a human being which toils to grow and after a long period of passing the passionate youth, from weak and vulnerable childhood, eventually turns into a mature adult. Mature in its accumulation of knowledge, beliefs, weaknesses and discoveries. Men imitate one another, learn from each other, trust each other, fall in love with one another and create a society which has a variety of trees, with similarities and differences; with one thing in common: humanity. For me, trees are the analogy of this human reproduction. Congenial or chaotic or even exciting at times, struggle intensively or agree in peace, and continue on. مکرر گرافیِ گیاهانِ بزرگِ چوبی این مجموعه تلاشی ست برای به تصویر کشیدنِ جامعه ای از گیاهانِ بزرگِ چوبی (درختان یا داران) که با ثبتِ مکررِ آنها، سعی در بیان مفهومی مشترک دارم که با آن یکی هستم و در آن زندگی می کنم. “دار” برای من مانند انسانی ست که خون دلها برایش خورده می شود و مدت ها طول می کشد تا پس از گذارِ دوران پر شر و شور نوجوانی از طفلی ضعیف و کوچک به انسانی بالغ و ایستاده تبدیل شود.، ایستاده بر جزیره دانستگی هاش، باورهایش، ضعف هایش و کشف هایش. انسان ها همدیگر را تکرار می کنند.، از هم می آموزند، همدیگر را باور می کنند، عاشق می شوند و جامعه ای را تشکیل می دهند که تنوعی دارد مانند درختان، همراه با تفاوت ها و شباهت ها ولی همگی در آدمیت مشترک. درختان برای من تمثیلی هستند از این تکثرِ انسانی. گاهی هماهنگ، گاهی برآشفته و گاهی پرهیاهو، گرم و سوزان می جنگند، صلح می کنند و پیش می روند. امیر حسین بی پروا بهار ۱۳۹۵

Restless Legs Syndrome (2011)

Confusion (2009)

Where did this confusion come from? When did it collapse on us? This is the age of avatars and HDs and full HDs and 4Ks. People are confused of successive upgrading technology filling up around us and the Earth is loading of rubbishes produced by humans, trees are being cut, cities are becoming larger and people are gaining weight. There is no way out, I feel it deep down inside. There are objects in my mind, they do not belong to me, they have been imposed to me. The technology gave me a present as well, it gave a present to everybody and we accepted it. I am tired of useless objects, but there is no escape. They are appearing on my body, embrace me, I am full of stuffs. Noise, disorder and confusion surround me and win over me totally; a vertigo that never ends.

Involved (2004)

This project was the experimental experience about suffering and problems human bing in contemporary life. I try to show how people have involved with so many things that cover their minds and they are going to appearance outer with Symbols or Coverage.

The First (2001)


Born 1981, Tehran, Iran

Work & Live in Tehran

Degrees 2002 BA, Visual Communication, Sooreh Institute of Arts, Tehran, Iran
Solo exhibition 2016 Exhibition of art photography in O gallery named “multi exposure of big wooden plants”, Tehran
2009 Exhibition of art photography in Nar gallery named “Confusion”, Tehran
Exhibitions 2014 Participant of The third annual festival of portraiture, Tehran
2011 Participant 1st International Exhibition Photography( Portrait ), Serbia
2010 TV group exhibition in Mohsen gallery, Tehran
2009 Participant of 31st International Fotofestival Knokke-Heist, Belgium
2009 Participant of 7st Iranian Festival of Year Image, Tehran
2008 Participant of The 4th Iranian Festival of Marine Photos, Tehran
2006 Participant of the International Poster Trienniel in TOYAMA «IPT2006» in the Museum of Modern Art, Japan
2005 Participant of the Ninth Biennial Festival Photo, Spain
2004 Photography Exhibition, Sooreh Institute of Art, Tehran
2003 Nominated as finalist in Photography in Abda Awards, Dubai
2001 Participant of group exhibition in Photography, Tehran
Professional Membership Since 2011 Till Now The International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP)
Since 2010 Till Now Irannian Photographers association
Since 2008 Till Now Irannian Advertising & Industrial Photographers association
Other Activities 2008 Photographer of " Dream of Dragonfly" directed by Atefeh Khademolreza
2005 Set Decorator of " The ugliest angle of the world" directed by Atefeh Khademolreza


Cell Phone: +98 912 257 0452